All about Glengoyne

Glengoyne's Whisky is bold, rich and complex. In one Whisky you can find Christmas cake and Brazil nuts, in another citrus with toffee apples. As the age gets older sherry impact is strongly felt in the spirit. In some general words the Whisky is delicate, rich, bold and complex.

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All about Glengoyne distillery

Glengoyne Distillery is the most southern distillery of the Scottish Highlands. Founded in northwest Glasgow, Glengoyne is very close to the city center.

The distillery was founded in 1833, by a farmer George Connell. The first name of the distillery was Burnfoot Distillery, and in 1861 the name changed to Glenguin Distillery. 

When the Lang Brothers bought the site, the name was changed to Glengoyne Distillery in 1906. When Robertson & Baxter took over the site in 1965, they began making huge renovations.

The most significant being the increase in the number of stills, from two to three. This odd combination had never been seen before. Glengoyne is a Whisky distillery known for its continuous, non-stop operation.

They have one wash still and two small sized spirit stills. Glengoyne is also quite unique, in that produces the Whisky in the Highlands, but matures them in the Lowlands

Another important thing about producution is that Glengoyne has the slowest distillation time, which is believed to make the spirit more pure and smooth. The distillery air dries its industrial maltings.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Highlands
  • Address: Glengoyne Distillery Dumgoyne Stirlingshire G63 9LB United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 1360 550254
  • Website: