All about Redbreast

Redbreast is an exclusive single-pot still Whiskey. The first reference for Redbreast was made in 1912. Over the years it was remembered as "The Priest's Bottle," "A Staunch Friend" and more. After 1975, they experienced a decline, and in 1985 the last Redbreast under the Gilbey's banner was released.

In 1991 they experienced another decline and were relaunched by IDL. In the last year, Redbreast became incredibly popular, thanks to the unbelievable Whiskey and its Whiskey connoisseurs.

Redbreast has 5 expressions, a 12YO, a 15YO, a 21YO, a 12YO cask strength and a NAS Lustau Edition.  All of these Whiskeys share one commonality; that they are extremely tasty and delicious with a good combination of casks.

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