All about Hardy Cognac

Hardy Cognacs have to have one of the most gorgeous bottles in the Liquor industry.

For some inspiration and uncontrolled drooling, take a look at their Prestige and Perfection line, along with the expressions bottled in the Lalique crystal carafes.

They say “To open a bottle or carafe of Hardy Cognac is to discover a rare work of art.” But don’t let that scare you away, as they also produce a beautiful selection of VS, VSOP, Organic and XO expressions.

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All about Hardy Cognac distillery

Hardy is located in the Crouin quarter of Cognac, France. Back in the early 1800s, Anthony Hardy—an Englishman—fell in love with northern France and Cognac.

After decades of flirting with the region as an importer of Cognac into England, he eventually moved there, changed his name from Anthony to Antoine, and opened up his own Cognac house, a “maison”. Hey…follow your passions, right?

In the early days, the rooster was chosen as the insignia of the Maison Hardy which still graces all their bottles to this day. In 1869, Hardy was awarded the Diplome d'Excellence, firmly placing them as one of the major players in the industry.

A generous supply of high-grade eaux-de-vie saw them ride past the phylloxera crisis of the 1870s, and a decade later, Hardy already had a global distribution network.

A century later, Hardy Cognac exploded in the USA with its line of unblended vintages called Perfection.

Today, the company is run by two women, Bénédicte and Sophie Hardy, a fifth generation of Hardy Cognac makers.

Their cellar master, Mickaël Bouilly, crafts Hardy Cognacs from the collection of sensual and refined eaux-de-vie. Hardy produces a complete range of Cognacs, everything from the VS upwards, but they are mainly concentrating on the higher end of the market.

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